Trajectory Files

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Figures 3 and 4 represent cm_trajbasic.xlsx and cm_trajogas.xlsx files respectively. These files contain all the necessary input trajectories (serial data) for the software trajectory.

In order to modify any of those trajectories, open the file on a spreadsheet editor (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and insert or alter the respective columns.

For example, to modify the CO2 emission trajectory due to volcanoes and other activities, new values must be inserted in E and F columns of cm_trajbasic.xlsx table (figure 3). The year must be inserted in E column (integer or decimal number) and the respective emissions in F column (numerical value).

Figure 3: cm_trajbasic.xlsx file

There is always a sorting of the years in increasing sequence, so it is not necessary to add the years in crescent order. The year-emission input field is considered valid only if the year field and its respective emission field are numeric characters, so it is possible to insert comments (that are not numeric characters). The continuous reconstruction of the emission function among the intermediate values of the table is done through the linear interpolation between its extremes.

For example, figure 5 represents two tables that are received and equivalent for the software. These tables show f continuous function, where:

Figure 4: cm_trajogas.xlsx file

Figure 5: Equivalent trajectories