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1. Click Select to open the Select Gases for Plotting window.

For more information, refer to Selecting Gases for Plotting.

2. Click on the Initial Year text box to enter the initial year for plotting.

3. Click on the Final Year text box to enter the final year for plotting.

4. Click on the Reference text box to enter the reference value for plotting.

5. Click on the Unit list box to select the unit for the reference.

6. Click on the Scale list box to select the scale between arithmetic and logarithmic.

7. On the list of scenarios and agents, select the ones to be used on a graphic. To choose the colors of the different scenarios, click on the Color list box.

7. Click Show to display a graphic as an output of all the data selected.

8. On the graphic window, click on the Add or Remove Buttons to choose the buttons shown on the tool bar.

9. Click on the Column button to insert a column chart.

10. Click on the Line button to insert a line chart.

11. Click on the Pie button to insert a pie chart.

12. Click on the Bar button to insert a bar chart.

11. Click on the Area button to display a trend of values over the time and categories.

13. Click on the Other Charts button to display other charts among point, funnel, financial, radar, polar, range and gantt.

14. Click on the Palette button to select the palette of colors to be displayed on the graphic.

15. Click on the Appearance button to select the appearance of the chart.

16. Click Save as Template to save the chart.

17. Click Load Template to load a chart already save on a directory.

18. Click Print Preview to preview the print file.

19. Click Print to print the chart.

20. Click Export to export the file and save it on a directory.

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