Parameters Files

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The cm_parbasic.xlsx and cm_parogas.xlsx files contain all the necessary parameters (numerical data) and options (alphanumerical data, string and characters chain) for the software execution.

Figures 1 and 2 represent cm_parbasic.xlsx and cm_parogas.xlsx respectively. The Microsoft Excel files might receive the parameters as numerical data and the options as strig.

In order to modify any of these parameters, open the file on a table editor (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and alter the respective parameter field (in beige color).

For example, to change the simulation initial year, alter the B3 field on cm_parbasic.xlsx file (Figure 1) to the new value (any integer or decimal number).

Also, to change the ocean model on CO2 concentration calculation, there must change the B19 field on cm_parbasic.xlsx file (Figure 1) for any of the options allowed: bdm, hilda, 3d and raupach.

Figure 1: cm_parbasic.xlsx file

Figure 2: cm_parogas.xlsx file