Generating Synthetic Series

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1. Click on Parameters tag.

2. Click on the Initial Time text box to enter the initial time.

3. Click on the Final Time text box to enter the final time.

4. Click on the Number of Samples text box to enter the number of samples.

5. Click on the Synthetic Function list box to select the chosen function.

6. Click on the Formula list box to select it.

7. Click Run to generate a line graph which will be shown on Temporal Series tag on the same window.

8. Click Return to close the window and return to the previous window.

9. Click Save to save the changes.

10. Click Cancel to cancel the changes you made.

11. On the Samples list below, click Add to open the Sample window and add a new sample.

       For more information, refer to Adding Samples.

12. After clicking on a row, click Edit to edit a sample.

13. After clicking on a row, click Remove to remove a tag.

14. Click Load Sample to import a file from your computer's directory.

9. Click on the Temporal Series tag to see the line graph generated after the data was selected on Parameters tag.

10. Click Edit Series to edit the series.

11. Click on the Graphic button to change the view mode: from line graph to table and the other way round.

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