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On FORTRAM codification, there have been created the following structures:




Gas parameters: store the parameters loaded from the input table (spreadsheet file):

real*8,dimension(NMAXGAS):: ogas_radeff

real*8,dimension(NMAXGAS):: ogas_time  

real*8,dimension(NMAXGAS):: ogas_conv  

real*8,dimension(NMAXGAS):: ogas_pre  

In order to edit the parameters values for the gases, there have been developed an interface on a table (spreadsheet file) where the user can interact, alter and save the parameters values wanted. The data table filled in green are protected and can not be modified. Figures 10 and 11  represent a general view and a detailed view of the interface.

Figure 5. General view of the gases parameters edition interface.

Figure 6. Detailed view of the gases parameters edition interface.