Control File

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Figure 6 represents cm_control.xlsx file, which contains parameters and options that determine how the implementation will operate and which one is the model output. This file can be partitioned into 3 basic parts that are described below as well as their parameters and options.

Figure 6: cm_control.xlsx file

First part

The first part shows the basic options that determine the operation and which the input and output files are. These basic options are:

       - Options: 'list' or 'out'.

       If Operation Mode == 'list', then the climate model will be executed for the instances list described on the second part of the file.

       If Operation Mode == 'out', then the software will read all the input and output data whose name (mat Filename) is in B5 field of cm_control.xlsx file (figure 6). No climate model calculation will be done.

Second part

       The second part contains parameters and options related to the instances execution. From 12 possible instances, N instances will be executed (if it is the case), where N is the parameter from C7 cell (total number of instances to read). Instance Name indicates the instance name that will be written on the captions and on the output .xls file. Each of the instances operate like:

Third part

The third part shows a list of possible output trajectories (temporal series). The user must select which series will be visualized on xls file (Print option) or on a line graph (Plot option). The Print and Plot logical variables have the logical options 0(no) or 1(yes). The xls file name is defined on B4 field (xls Name). There are the following output parameters: