Climate Models

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ITVCM is a software that is able to analyze the climate changes using the simple climate models. This model was developed and implemented as the relationship between anthropogenic greenhouse gases emissions, other radiative forcing and the global climate represented by the rising of average surface temperature and the sea level rise. The result is a hermetic system that shows the worldwide climate change as if it was the same globally.

The variables show as a result the sum of the all the emissions globally. That is, the result is not the average greenhouse emission concentrated in the globe, but the whole amount of it.

Climate models, in this case, are systems of equations that are able to simulate the interaction between important factors which are responsible for the result of the factors sum. They analyze the interactions of ice, land surface, oceans and atmosphere in order to make projections about the future's climate.

Simple climate models usually contain modules that calculate other items than the concentration of greenhouse gases itself. They are also related to "box models", which are known as simplified versions of more complex models. Their functionality is the same like explained above, mixing all data homogeneously.